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Marcel Bühler

I started to breeding budgerigars in 1984. I formed the partnership "H. and M. Bühler" with my father Hermann in 1988. This partnership has exhibited budgerigars at the Champion level since 1988. This level is retained, once acheived, for life in Switzerland.

I had to sacrifice my garage to fulfil my dream of building my own breeding room with 32 breeding cages, this was achieved in January 1999.

2003 we (at this time still together with my father) formed the International Partnership BÜHLER & PEARCE. Ron is not just my partner he is also my best friend in the Hobby.

Today my stud has approximately 150 budgerigars. Most of them are Normals, Cinnamons and Recessive Pieds. I also keep some Yellow faces, Opalines and Spangles.

The line is in the main based on budgerigars from the studs of Fred Wright and Ron Pearce of England. In the past few years I have purchased birds from the stud of Brayn Byles plus from the partnership of Gren and Pat Norris in England. I also acquired some birds from Jo Mannes from Germany since 1999.

In the past I have driven to England regularly in order to visit some friends and of course to acquire some birds for our stud from the previously mentioned breeders. I started qualifying to become a judge in 1997 together with Frank Habegger, Daniel Lütolf and Jean-Pierre Rotzetter. Heinz Küppers and Jo Mannes took us for our practical examination. The theory examination took place one year later at our club show in Boningen. We were all successful, thus the SWV has had at its disposal since 1998 four official budgerigar judges.

I have also been on the executive committee of the SWV since 1998. Among other things I'm responsible for the execution and the procedures of the various SWV shows. In addition I hold lectures about budgerigars and I'm responsible for the further education of the SWV judges. In my job as an official SWV delegate, I attend the annual World Budgerigar Organisation (WBO) meetings.

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